This article comprises information regarding means of communication in Malaysia. Read further to know about Malaysia Communications.

Communication in Malaysia

Malaysia boasts all major means of communication to keep pace with the world. So, no matter how far you're from your home, different means of communication would always keep you close to your near & dear ones. Telephones, Fax, Internet, Postal Services, Facsimile, Telegraph, Telex etc are some of the communication means that can be availed throughout the country. Read further about communications in Malaysia.

Malaysia has a pretty good network of telephone lines. Apart from fixed landlines, mobile phones too, are a great hit in the Malaysian market like any other place in the world. While making calls from Malaysia to any other country, you have to add the international access code (00), country code and area code before dialing the requisite number. The country code for Malaysia is 60.

To call within Malaysia, you have to add area code before the phone number. Another option is you can buy international calling cards from general stores, news-stands and petrol stations which would definitely be cheaper. Public phones, which require coins or phone cards, can be availed at high-traffic areas, like bus stations, shopping complexes and office buildings.

Internet has not left Malaysia untouched by its influence. From the crowded cities to the remotest part, Internet facility is available in the entire nation. Most of the luxury hotels have access for their guests in the business center, though the charges could be high. If you don't find any internet café yourself, don't fail to ask the local tourism information office to get an idea about nearby places. They usually charge around RM5 to RM10 for an hour.

Postal Services
Postal Services are satisfactory in Malaysia, though not very good. For letters, you can rely on the services, but the condition is a little doubtful regarding parcels. You can spot post offices in every city and town. Even for far-off countries, postal services are available but usually people don't depend on them. It's better to take help of courier services for sending parcels quickly within and outside the country.

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