Malaysia has an assortment of people, belonging to various foreign lands. Read further to know more about Malaysians.


The Malays, who descended from the Malayo-Polynesian racial groups, make over 50% of the population of Malaysia. Malaysia as we know is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-linguistic country, here you can actually find a concoction of different people. Since the country had influences from the neighboring countries and areas such as, China, Indian Sub-continent, the Middle East etc, Malaysian culture became a mixture of different elements derived from various cultures.

Like the people of Malaysia, what today are called Malaysians, are not essentially from the country itself. Probably down to the strategic position for trade, the country took delivery of people from various ethnic groups. Nowadays, many people including Chinese, Hindus, Christians, Muslim, etc, are living in concert with the Malays. Islam, religion that is followed by nearly all Malays, is another reason for the concord amongst people.

Malaysia PeopleRegardless of the Islamic governance, the Animistic and the Hindu leverage is visible in the customs, beliefs, rituals and festivals observed in the country. Integration of various cultures is evident from the rituals and celebrations, such as the Malay wedding ceremony and the piercing of earlobes, where basics of Hindu traditions are involved. Amidst grand carousing, the festivals of different racial groups are celebrated.

On the whole, Malaysians are nice people to be with. At a glance, they might appear shy but once you start the conversation, they would be real friends. Being a complete assortment of religions and races, it will probably become more interesting to know different cultures and traditions. These people are generous and welcoming to the foreigners. Despite belonging to different races, the way these people live together harmoniously is certainly commendable.

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