Malaysia entertains several ethnic groups, which have their own customs. Check out Malaysian customs & traditions.

Customs of Malaysia

Malaysia is a home to multi-cultural society, where several ethnic groups live together peacefully. Most of the population comprises aboriginal Malays while the other main groups being of Chinese and Indians. Each group has certain of its own customs and traditions, and while traveling to any foreign lands, you should respect them since someone has rightly said "When in Rome, do what Romans do". So, you must revere their customs and in fact, it should be part of your conduct. Get more information about Malaysian traditions in the following:

"First Impression is the last impression", follow the phrase while meeting Malaysians. Smiling and nodding the head, is the simplest way to greet anyone, moreover there is no chance of getting into trouble with such gesture. While greeting any Muslim, you can do Salam that requires fingers of your right hand to gently touch the heart. Fold your hands at mid-chest level, saying Namaste to greet any Hindu. To greet any Malay-Chinese, standard hands shake will do and actually, this is another simple way to meet anyone.

Remove your shoes
If you've to go to someone's private home in Malaysia, remember to remove your shoes outside. Here, shoes are not permitted inside homes and considered really disrespectful in case you do so.

Customs for Mosque
While going to Mosques, consider in mind that you're going to a place of worship and disregarding their traditions is insolence to entire Islamic faith. Wear clothes that ensure your whole body is covered, including head. Exposed clothing is not bearable in Islamic faith.

Use Right Hand
In Malaysia, always use your right hand to eat food. Even if you're handling food with knife and fork, use right hand for eating. For taking or giving anything too, try to use your right hand.

Gift Etiquettes
Apart from using right hand, always give properly wrapped gifts. You must also ensure that gifts are wrapped in cheerful colors like pink, red etc, never wrap gifts in black, white or blue.

Group Meetings
If you've come in a group, the eldest or the most senior person should come forward to greet first and afterwards, the next level person should make a move. Don't shy or hesitate to start a conversation with a stranger, Malaysians like talking and meeting people from other countries.

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