Here are given some interesting facts about Malaysia. Check out Malaysia's facts in this article.

Facts About Malaysia

Malaysia, undoubtedly, is a land of mysterious appeal and charm. What makes this country different from others is its reception to different cultures, and still retaining its own identity. Once seen, this mystifying country would definitely become an inseparable part of your experiences and memories. To comprehend this country better, given below are certain facts about Malaysia which will assist you analyze the country at a glance.

Malaysia Facts & Figures
Government Type Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy
Capital City Kuala Lumpur
Area 329,847 km² / 127,355 sq miles
Coastline 4,675 km
Number of Union Territories 3
Number of States 13
Geography 2° 30' N and 112° 30' E
Climate Tropical
Neighboring Countries Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei
Time GMT plus eight hours
Currency Ringgit (RM)
Population 27,544,000 (2007)
Electricity 240V, 50 Hz
Literacy Percent 89
Country Dialing Code 60
Internet TLD .my
National Flag Jalur Gemilang (Stripes of Glory)
National Anthem Negaraku
National Emblem Jata Negara (Coat of Arms)
GDP per Capita U.S. $12,800
Major Trading Partners Singapore, Japan, USA
Major Products / Industries Tin, rubber, palm oil, timber, oil, textiles and electronics
Languages Bahasa Malaysia (Malay), English, Chinese dialects, Tamil and indigenous languages
Religion Muslim (60%), Buddhist (19%), Christian (9%), Hindu (6%), Taoist & Confucianist (2.6%)
People 58% Malay & other indigenous, 24% Chinese, 8% Indian, 10% others (2000)

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