This article studies about traffic rules that are followed in Malaysia. Read further to know about traffic safety in Malaysia.

Malaysia Traffic Rules

A pleasurable trip comes to a halt with a little bit of negligence. When it comes to traffic, this fact is most applicable. Driving should always be safe, be it in your native country or foreign lands. In fact while driving in foreign countries, one should be extra careful and must know in advance country's traffic rules. Talking about Malaysia, traffic here moves on the left side of the road and most of the vehicles are right-hand driven. Read the given safety rules that depict the traffic guidelines of Malaysia.
  • It is compulsory to fasten the seat belts when sitting in a car.
  • It is not illegal to use cell phones while driving.
  • As per the Malaysian Law, driving and drinking should not be mixed. Anyone found at fault, would be strictly enforced with firm penalties.
  • Drivers must use their turn indicators prior to turning.
  • If get involved in an accident, drivers are recommended to avoid confrontational behavior and should file report to the local police within 24 hours.
  • Malaysia Traffic Rules
  • In the morning as well as evening, traffic gets really heavy and if it rains, then situation can be really cumbersome. So, avoid commuting at rush hours.
  • Be alert while walking on the road too, since motorcyclists often take wrong turns to avoid confrontation with heavy traffic.
  • It is always advised to foreign travelers not to drive themselves and prefer the services of driver to enjoy your trip.
  • At sobriety checkpoints, it is essential for drivers to submit alcohol breath tests. Failure of test results can cause serious penalties.

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