Given here are some common phrases in Bahasa Malaysia. Check out the useful Malay phrases for Malaysian travel.

Useful Phrases

Interaction always helps to know each other. While traveling to Malaysia, it's preferable to have a general idea of common phrases in Malay or Bahasa Malaysia (language of Malaysia). Such frequently used phrases not only help you to understand things better in an unknown country, but also assist you to mingle up with the people around. It further aids you to get help without ado, if you're caught in a situation, because you can correspond to the nearby people. These easy-to-learn Malay phrases are very simple and several of the words are phonetically like English. Scroll down to check the useful phrases for Malaysia Travel.

English Phrases Malay Translation
Welcome Selamat Datang
How are you? Apa khabar?
I am fine. Khabar baik
Thank you Terima Kasih
You are welcome Sama sama
Goodbye Selamat Jalan / Selamat Tinggal
See you again Jumpa lagi
Good Morning Selamat Pagi
Good Afternoon Selamat Tengahari
Good Evening Selamat Petang
Good Night Selamat Malam
Excuse me Maafkan saya
I am sorry Minta maaf
How much is this? Berapa harga?
Entrance Masuk
Exit Keluar
Caution Awas
Level Tingkat
Please Sila
Help Tolong
Food Makanan
Drink (noun) Minuman
Rice Nasi
Bread Roti
Receipt Resit
Please have a seat. Sila duduk
Self service Layan diri
Up/Above Atas
Down/Below Bawah
Back/Behind Belakang
Front Depan
How many? /How much? Berapa?
When? Bila?
Where? Di mana?
Right Kanan
Left Kiri
What time is it? Pukul berapa?
There Sana
Here Sini
Fare Tambang
One Satu
Two Dua
Three Tiga
Four Empat
Five Lima
Six Enam
Seven Tujuh
Eight Lapan
Nine Sembilan
Ten Sepuluh
One Hundred Seratus
One Thousand Seribu
Restroom / Washroom Tandas / Bilik Air
Road / Street Jalan / Lorong
Hill Bukit
Church Gereja
Cave Gua
Mountain Gunung
Highway Lebuh/Lebuhraya
Fort Kubu
Airport Lapangan Terbang
Tracks Landasan
Valley Lembah
Mosque Masjid
Beach Pantai
Port Pelabuhan
Island Pulau
Garden Taman
Cape Tanjong
Lake Tasik
Temple Tokong / Kuil
Run Lari
Sail Layar
Walk Jalan
Laugh Ketawa
Eat Makan
Drink (verb) Minum
Smile Senyum
Fly Terbang
Sleep Tidur
Trishaw Beca
Stall Gerai
Clock Jam
Wristwatch Jam tangan
Ship Kapal
Airplane Kapalterbang
Shop Kedai
Car Kereta
Door Pintu
House Rumah
Window Tingkap

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