Pulau Dayang Bunting, literally the Island of the Pregnant Maiden, is the second largest island of Langkawi archipelago of Malaysia

Pulau Dayang Bunting

Location: 18 kms from Kuah Town
Highlights: Tasik Dayang Bunting, Gua Langsir
Significance: It is the second largest island in the Langkawi archipelago.
How To Reach: One can easily reach here by hiring speedboats from Kuah Jetty.

The Pulau Dayang Bunting is known to be the second largest island of the Langkawi archipelago. The island, about 18 kms from Kuah Town, is located on the southwest of Langkawi Island, next to Pulau Tuba. It is easily accessible from Kuah Jetty or Pantai Cenang. The island owes its name to Tasik Dayang Bunting (literally means Lake of the Pregnant Maiden), which is the largest lake of Langkawi. The lake together with the island is shrouded in a legend.

As one simmers down in the sparkling waters of the lake, the legend of Mambang Sari and Mat Teja's ill-fated love story looms over the psyche. This story takes the visitors back into the world of nymphs and genies. It states that the fairy princess fell in love with a mortal prince and married him. The princess conceived a child soon after, but lost the child just after birth. It is said that the anguished mother chose the lake to bury her child. As she buried the child in the water, he turned into a white crocodile.

Pulau Dayang BuntingMambang Sari, who overflowed with maternal affection and distressed at such a fortuity, blessed the waters that any woman, who is unable to conceive, will be rewarded with a child if she drank the water from the lake. It is believed that the same crocodile guards the lake till date, and appears only to those people who're pure at heart. The lake is set in the middle of the island and is surrounded with tropical rainforests. When seen from above, the silhouette of the lake appears as if a pregnant woman is lying down on her back.

Pulau Dayang Bunting is also known for its limestone hills, dense forests, legendary lake and exotic animals. Besides, its beaches are good enough to bath in the clam waters and to bask in the sun. Island-hopping is the favorite activity of the tourists coming to this island. On the western shore of the island, there is a cave called Gua Langsir. This cave is believed to be haunted by a banshee; its name is possibly related to the wail created by the howling of the wind.

People attribute this wail simply to the acoustics of the cave. Gua Langsir is located stop a 91 m limestone hillock; it is heavily forested and is home to thousands of bats. At the island, a jetty has been constructed in a small cove to enable the visitors in getting off, and thereby explore the island. After all, the Island of the Pregnant Maiden is famous for its natural beauty and lush greenery. So come and experience the splendor on your own.

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