Earlier known as Makam Mahsuri, Kota Mahsuri is the mausoleum of a virtous maiden who cursed the island of Langkawi Malaysia long ago.

Mahsuri Mausoleum

Location: Kampung Mawat, 17.8 km northwest of Kuah
Significance: It is the tomb of Mahsuri, a virtous maiden.
How To Reach: One can easily reach here by hiring taxis, or by boarding buses from the island.

The Mahsuri Mausoleum marks the spot where Mahsuri was buried. It is located at Kampung Mawat, which is about 17.8 kms northwest of Kuah, in Langkawi. Earlier called Makam Mahsuri (literally Mahsuri Mausoleum), Kota Mahsuri was erected to honor the fair maiden, Mahsuri, who was unfairly accused of adultery over 200 years ago. Langkawi, undoubtedly, is associated with many fables and myths, but perhaps, this legend of the virtuous maiden is one of the most famous legends.

As per the legend, at her execution, she bled white blood; that is believed to signify her innocence. In her last breath, she laid a curse that the island would hang about barren for no less than seven generations. Whether it's Mahsuri Mausoleumreal or fictional, the seven generations have passed and at present, Langkawi is a prosperous tourist destination on the tourism charts of Malaysia. To respect the belief of the islanders, this mausoleum was built with the hope that Mahsuri, when seven generations have passed, will finally rest in peace.

As a reverential gesture, visitors are recommended to remove their shoes before entering the mausoleum. In the premises of the mausoleum lies the Mahsuri's tomb, a well, an aviary and a conventional house. Beside the tomb, the whole story of the maiden is written on a panel. The waters of Mahsuri's well are said to have healing properties. In the aviary, one can check out the exotic variety of birds along with peacocks, while the traditional house is a host to ancient artifacts of Langkawi.

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